Back on zukan-track

It's been a while since I've visited my own page, but reading it just felt strangely nostalgic... I've come a long way since then, especially considering zukans: I've managed to collect almost the entire pokedex! (until B&W came along, of course). I'm just missing a handful and am searching fanaticly for them, so if anyone reads this and can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!

- Spheal-line
- Latios-Latias
- Ho-oh

I'm also playing with the idea of a photo-dex of all my critters next to prof. Oak, as a sort of reference guide. Just gotta find the time.
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How do you do?

All right, first post on my own message board …which nobody probably reads, so this feels a bit like talking to myself in public. Slightly strange.

But anyway, for those who have stumbled upon this page by accident: hi!

I’m Grimack and I’ve joined LiveJournal because of the community pkmncollectors. I recently became a Zukaniac (pokemon zukan are those little figures of all pokemon in a scale 1:40, simply beautiful!) and found out that this community is the only decent way to add to my ever growing collection. I’ve never been a community person up until now, but this was just to sweet to pass up. Now I find myself checking the boards several times a day, even getting up in the middle of the night to check the updates. Wow, now I think about it, it almost resembles an addiction. Sweet, a new addition to my other collection: my addictions. Anyways, I’m very interested in trading or buying all pokemon zukan you can offer. Especially if there would be anyone out there who is willing to trade or sell me the biggest gap in my collection: the Cacnea-Cacturne duo! I’ve searched the net high and low for these two buggers, but nowhere to be found, so anyone who’s willing, I’m growing more and more desperate by the day, so try me, who knows… we might come to an understanding.
So please help me!

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